DaVita Clinical Research Announces New Biorepository Services


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DaVita Clinical Research

announced its Biorepository Services. These services offer the pharmaceutical industry collaborative research opportunities that combine access to high-quality samples combined with well-characterized patient data annotation.
DCR’s distinctive Biorepository Services support industry trends toward personalized medicine, empowered drug discovery and productive drug development for biotechnology and pharmaceutical sponsors, as well as platform technology companies. This approach aims to provide meaningful advances toward the future of more effective drug discovery and development.
“We are excited to begin this new chapter and believe the biorepository we are creating will set a new standard in the industry and add value to the drug discovery efforts of our partners,” stated DCR President Chris Rucker . “We believe that the unique characteristics of our offering will position us to meet a need in the discovery community that is currently not being satisfied by the existing biorepositories.”
DCR’s biorepository provides customized sample sets from patient populations collected nationally. These samples are collected under an IRB-approved protocol with the consent of patients. The samples contain high RNA and DNA yields and are suitable for genomic analysis. In addition, DCR collects samples under the same rigorous conditions that allow proteomic and metabolomic testing.

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