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Applied Clinical Trials

DIA Exhibitor Gallery. You are invited to visit the following company booths at DIA.

You are invited to visit these DIA 2011 booths:

Booth No. 724Accelovancewww.accelovance.com

Contact Name: Garrett Smith
Phone: 240-238-4900
E-mail: gsmith@accelovance.com

Accelovance is an award-winning, CRO with a proven approach for accelerating clinical development.  With clinical sites and internal patient management solutions, Accelovance creates operational efficiencies that enhance productivity and timely delivery of clinical studies.  CRO. Sites. Recruitment.

Booth No. 1240ACM Globalwww.acmgloballab.com

Contact Name: Cynthia Smith
Phone: 585-429-2312
E-mail: csmith@acmlab.com

ACM Global Central Lab is a global force in central laboratory testing for clinical trials. Our flexible approach, attention to detail and customer service sets us apart from the competition.

Booth No. 1711Almac Clinical Techwww.almacgroup.com

Contact Name: Joseph Bedford
Phone: 215-660-8500
E-mail: joseph.bedford@almacgroup.com

The Almac Group provides a broad range of R&D services including biomarker discovery/development, API manufacture, formulation, analytical testing, clinical trial supplies management, IXRS® technology (IVR/IWR), and commercial-scale manufacturing.

Booth No. 339Aureus Research Consultants www.aureusresearch.com
Phone: 504-833-1528
E-mail: aureus@aureusresearch.com

Aureus is the Latin word for "golden" and at Aureus, our success parallels our belief in the "Golden Rule" and in assisting our clients to "Go for the Gold" in perfromance and project success. We provide auditing, monitoring, and educational services to global pharmaceutical, device, and biotechnology organizations.

Booth No. 1417BioClinicawww.bioclinica.com
Phone: 484-928-6000
E-mail: info@bioclinica.com

BioClinica Inc., provides integrated eClinical and Imaging services. Our offerings provide improved speed and efficiency in the execution of clinical studies, with reduced clinical and business risk.

Booth No. 1823Biomedical Systems www.biomedsys.com

Contact: Kevin J. Klingler
Phone: 800-877-6334
E-mail: kklinger@biomedsys.com

Visit our booth to learn more about Biomedical Systems’ global centralized diagnostic services for Cardiac Safety, Imaging, Pulmonary Function, Neurophysiology, and Digital Pathology Services.

Booth No. 2018
Catalent Pharma Solutions

Phone: 866-720-3148
E-mail: info@sales.com

With over 75 years of experience, Catalent Pharma Solutions has the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings, and the most innovative technologies to help you get more molecules to market faster, enhance product performance and provide superior, reliable manufacturing and packaging results.
Catalent. More products. Better treatments. Reliably supplied.

Booth No. 1117Cetero Researchwww.cetero.com/act

Phone: 877-7CETERO
E-mail: clinpharm@cetero.com

Cetero is the industry’s leading early-phase CRO, specializing in full-service clinical pharmacology, bioanalytical and scientific affairs services. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have conducted more than 20,000 clinical pharmacology studies—more than any other CRO.

Booth No. 505 Chilternwww.chiltern.com

Contact: Susan Ojanen
Phone: 423-990-0273
E-mail: susan.ojanen@chiltern.com

Chiltern is a leading, full service, global Contract Research Organization with extensive experience in the management of Phase I - IV clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas and contract staffing solutions.

Booth No. 1662Cmed Technologywww.cmedtechnology.com

Phone: 908-795-2020
E-mail: info@cmedtechnology.com

Cmed Technology, an eClinical technology provider, offers Timaeus, an on-demand eClinical platform for electronic trial design, paper and electronic data capture (EDC), monitoring, medical coding, data management and reporting.

Booth No. 1539Comprehensive Clinical Developmentwww.ComprehensiveCD.com

Contact: Jack McGovern, CEO
Phone: 954-266-2626
E-mail: jmcgovern@cnsmail.com

Comprehensive Clinical Development is a strategic clinical research partner providing a full range of clinical development services in various therapeutic areas while delivering quality data on time and within budget.

Booth No. 1517DaVita Clinical Researchwww.DaVitaClinicalResearch.com

DaVita Clinical Research brings unsurpassed knowledge, skill, and expertise to pharmaceutical research, facilitating the success of their clients’ clinical trials. Its clinical expertise ranges from designing the study to preparing and submitting the final report.

Booth No. 216Doctor Evidencewww.doctorevidence.com

Contact: Jim Langford
Phone: 949-858-5677
E-mail: jim.langford@doctorevidence.com

Doctor Evidence is a leader in the development of digital software technologies and services that find/store/translate and deliver the evidence, from clinical studies, to Life Science, Healthcare, Academic and Government organizations.

Booth No. 1335ERTwww.ert.com

Contact: John Blakeley
Phone: 215-972-0420
E-mail: eresearch@ert.com

ERT is a global technology-driven provider of clinical services and customizable medical devices to biopharmaceutical and healthcare organizations which enables its customers to streamline the clinical trials process and automate the collection, analysis and distribution of data in all phases of clinical development.

Booth No. 1811Esoterix Clinical Trial Serviceswww.esoterixtrials.com


Contact: Shailesh Maingi,
Phone: 800-533-0567
E-mail: jonesc2@labcorp.com

Esoterix Clinical Trials Services, a division of LabCorp, combines standardized international laboratory capabilities with sophisticated diagnostic technologies to provide a broad portfolio of clinical assays to support drug and diagnostic clinical studies.

Booth No. 300ExecuPharmwww.execupharm.com

Contact: Penny Johnson
Phone: 610-272-8771
E-mail: pjohnson@execupharm.com

ExecuPharm provides clinical and IT staffing and outsourcing solutions. EP meets Sponsor outsourcing challenges with highly flexible services, extensive network of experienced talent, and proven ability to reduce sponsor costs.

Booth No. 501Firecrest Clinicalwww.firecrestclinical.com

Contact: Gary Hughes
Phone: +353 61 345 222
E-mail: gary.hughes@firecrestclinical.com

Booth No. 115Globalcare Clinical Trialswww.globalcarect.com

GlobalCare offers an innovative global service model by conducting selected study visits in the home yielding faster patient recruitment, better compliance and retention, helping to expedite time-to-market for life-enhancing products.

Booth No. 742IRB Serviceswww.irbservices.com

Contact: Simon Corman
Phone: 905-727-7989
E-mail: scorman@irbservices.com

Real Reviews... In Real Time.®  IRB Services is a service-driven organization striving for excellence in human research participant protection and committed to providing efficient customer-oriented ethical review services to research sponsors since 1993.

Booth No. 1217INC Researchwww.incresearch.com

Phone: 919-876-9300
E-mail: info@incresearch.com

INC Research is a global contract research organization, with a Trusted Process® for conducting Phase I - Phase IV clinical trials that ensures customers experience certain trial excellence.

Booth No. 914nSpire Health

Contact: Michael Brown
Phone: 800-574-5864 Ext.3231
E-mail: mbrown@nspirehealth.com

The Core to a Successful Respiratory Trial: Experience, Quality, Accuracy. nSpire Health has successfully completed over 220 Asthma, COPD, and Cystic Fibrosis clinical trials, providing greater than 98% usable PFT data, utilizing best-in-class PiKo Home Spirometry and KoKo Office Spirometry. Specializing in ALL phases of Respiratory Clinical Trials, nSpire Health supplies pharmaceutical companies, CROs, & clinical researchers advanced technology, precise instrumentation, & expert professional services to accelerate drug trials worldwide. Visit us at DIA for a chance to win an Apple iPad!

Booth No. 1665PharmaNetwww.pharmanet.com
Phone: 609-951-6800
E-mail: pni@pharmanet.com

Booth No. 1701PRA Internationalwww.praintl.com

Contact: Roger Boutin
Phone: 434.951.3924
E-mail: endpoints@praintl.com

Booth No. 1935Quorum Reviewwww.quorumreview.com
E-mail: clientrelations@quorumreview.com

Booth No. 465RDP Clinical Outsourcingwww.rdpclinical.com

Contact: Kevin Boos
Phone: 415-374-8895
E-mail: kboos@rdpclinical.com

RDP Clinical Outsourcing is a North American Provider of clinical support services.  We utilize our proprietary technologies to provide more experienced clinical teams, for reduced overall costs.

Booth No. 934REGISTRAT-MAPIwww.registratmapi.com

Contact: Amy Wynn
Phone: 215-568-0121 ext. 110
E-mail: awynn@registratmapi.com

Booth No. 1822Spectra Clinical Research www.spectraclinicalresearch.com

Phone: 800-517-7157
E-mail: sales.spectraclinicalresearch@fmc-na.com

As a global provider of central laboratory services, Spectra Clinical Research supports diverse clinical trials of all sizes – making each trial and each patient its highest priority.

Booth No. 839Therapeutics, Inc.www.therapeuticsinc.com

Contact: Brendan Fowler,
Phone: 858-248-0210
E-mail: bfowler@therapeuticsinc.com

Therapeutics, Inc. is a full service dermatology contract research organization. We partner with our clients, developing best in class pharmaceutical products. From concept to approval: full service drug development.

Booth No. 911United BioSource Corporationwww.unitedbiosource.com
E-mail: info@unitedbiosource.com

United BioSource Corporation integrates scientific expertise and innovative technology to generate evidence-based solutions for life science companies to help develop and commercialization their products.

WorldCare Clinicalwww.wcclinical.com

Contact: Richard Taranto, Executive Vice President Business Development
Phone: 617-583-1601
E-mail: rtaranto@wcclinical.com

With a 19-year focus on imaging trials, WorldCare Clinical (WCC) is the premier global imaging CRO for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Contact: Laurel Avery
Phone: 610-964-2000
E-mail: bd@wwctrials.com