DPHARM 2023: Future of Patient Recruitment


In an interview at the 2023 DPHARM conference with ACT editor, Andy Studna, Colleen Hoke, co-founder and CEO, ObjectiveHealth, discusses potential advancements in patient recruitment such as increased accessibility.

Hoke: There will be tremendous leapfrog advancements. I think in five years patients who want to be in a clinical trial will be able to access it in some way; probably mobile enabled. I think in five years the vast majority of healthcare will turn into a research engine, so as patients come towards regular healthcare visits there'll be more and more options for them to participate and it really will be awesome.

Hoke also presented in a DPHARM session on ObjectiveHealth’s solutions. Along with Josh O’Rourke, chief technology officer of ObjectiveHealth, the duo explored a real-world case study demonstrating the combined impact of the enrollment solutions: ObjectiveScreen and ObjectiveView.

ObjectiveScreen is the company’s artificial intelligence-recruitment tool. Rather than working off of social media or online campaigns, it is embedded into coordinators’ workflows at the company’s sites. It syncs with the electronic health care systems and uses machine learning to identify candidates as they are visiting the practice.

As a result, the solution enables patients to be identified “on-the-fly” as they come into the practice.

ObjectiveView is designed for sponsors. It works hand-in-hand with ObjectiveScreen to offer a real-time view into the total eligible recruitment funnel for all enrollment activities. Sponsors are given full access to the data, with which they can create criteria as they see fit for their study.

The real-world case study presented was from ObjectiveHealth’s own sites and a nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) trial that is currently ongoing.

More on the entire presentation can be found here.

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