drchrono Announces Partnership with HDP Health Enabling Physicians and Patients Access to Clinical Trials

Company News Release

Sunnyvale, CA – January 31, 2018-drchrono Inc., the company enabling the medical practice of the future, today announced that it has partnered with HDP Health to provide physicians and medical facilities with access to thousands of the latest clinical trials for their patients.   HDP Health software is now integrated with drchrono’s EHR platform and lets the doctor know which of their patients are eligible for clinical trials. HDP Health supports medical organizations and helps physicians identify which of their patients fit clinical trial criteria and are candidates for clinical trials. The HDP Health system can also identify new clinical trials that are opening up and will notify the medical practices staff about which trials to consider running based on existing patient populations.   “HDP Health’s clinical trial software gives providers and patients on our EHR platform access to the latest clinical trials available,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-Founder and COO of drchrono. “Practices usually hire teams to scout out and find what patients might fit what clinical trials, shifting through the complex criteria to join a clinical trial, this takes enormous amounts of time. With the HDP Health app, a provider will get insights to see if a patient meets criteria for a clinical trial.” Daniel goes on to say, “For example, with aggressive forms of cancer, informing a medical practice of all options can only help the doctor and patient make a better decision. Part of our mission is to bring the very best technology to patients and doctors and HDP Health is just that.”   “80% of clinical trials get delayed because they can’t get them to market fast enough and can’t get enough patients to participate. The integration with drchrono’s EHR will help doctors quickly and easily find the best clinical trial options for their patients,” said Brian Clark, President of HDP Health. “The only way new medical treatments come to market are through clinical trials. This new level of collaboration will give patients and physicians on the drchrono EHR platform access to over 100,000 clinical trials in specialties such as diabetes, ADHD, dermatology, heart disease, cancer and many more.”   How Does It Work? HDP Health and drchrono integration identifies clinically relevant changes to a doctors patient medical record. Upon them occurring, the HDP Health software will generate a clinical trial eligibility report. This report is inserted into drchrono’s EHR for the doctor and staff to use to determine the best trial to recruit a patient to. The patient’s data is safely encrypted to keep all information secure.   Check out this video to see a demonstration of the HDP Health and drchrono clinical trial integration:   https://youtu.be/jHC0DL08Oks     About HDP Health HDP Health is advancing clinical research for millions of patients that need better treatment options. Our software platform works with Providers, CROs and Sponsors to increase clinical trial enrollment by using artificial intelligence technology on EHR data to automatically find qualified candidates for clinical trials. We then work with the treating doctors and clinical research staff to inform the patients of clinical trials they can participate in. This results in increased clinical trial enrollment, less time and cost spent on finding patients, reduced screen failures, and improved patient care. Visit https://www.hdphealth.com/drchrono to learn more.   About drchrono drchrono focuses on bringing the medical practice of the future to reality; the company built the first iPad EHR. drchrono creates the best electronic health record, practice management, medical billing and revenue cycle management experience for physicians and patients; the medical platform was built for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and the web. The EHR includes customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, real-time patient eligibility checks, a patient portal and more. The healthcare App Directory offers a multitude of apps that a practice can select from to bundle in and a medical API for healthcare app developers. For more information about drchrono, visit www.drchrono.com