Drexel University College of Medicine Selects StudyManager Reveal for Clinical Trial Management


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StudyManager announced that the Clinical Research Group (CRG) at Drexel University College of Medicine selected StudyManager’s Reveal software to manage its clinical trials.

The CRG, among other research-related activities at Drexel University College of Medicine, supports a growing affiliate network with budget and contract clinical trials policy implementation, while also maintaining a clinical trial database for these sites.

Accordingly, and with the continued growth of clinical trial activities at Drexel University College of Medicine and its affiliate network, the CRG needed a system to ensure data would be accessible to all applicable research personnel, regardless of their location.

“We sought a CTMS that would help centralize clinical trial data and research processes,” said Donna Walsh, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Research Operations, Drexel University College of Medicine. “Our hope is that the CTMS database will help us move away from dependency on traditional methods of data processing.”

As it evaluated systems, specific areas the CTMS would need to address included:
Budget/financial regulatory compliance. Budgets within the industry-sponsored clinical trials undergo a strict internal review process to determine study costs while upholding the federal regulatory compliance requirements. Specific areas under the CRG’s management are identification of research costs, negotiation of research budget, research bills reconciliation, and guidance with payment and invoicing of sponsors and post-award administrative services. A CTMS would help accomplish these tasks better and faster.

Billing reconciliation. Efficient process flow and review of research-related bills helps ensure proper patient billing. Through StudyManager Reveal, CRG will be able to enhance this review by providing relevant reports which will research vendor management, account payables and invoicing activities.

Ability to support multiple affiliates. CRG supports affiliates with budget and contract clinical trials policy implementation, while also maintaining clinical trial database for these sites. The department`s financial team directly receives applicable research-related billing invoices on a monthly basis, and thoroughly reviews the statements to ensure the accuracy of the charges listed. The CRG creates a standard research pricing agreement for all research affiliate hospitals. Creating a one-stop standard area would help improve efficiencies in working with affiliates.

Following an in-depth review process, the CRG selected StudyManager’s Reveal system.

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