Duke University Health System Launches OneDukeGen


In a new precision medicine study, genomic and health data will be collected to understand connections between genetics, health, and disease.

The Duke University Health System and School of Medicine, in partnership with nference, an AI-enabled software platform provider, are launching OneDukeGen. The aim of this precision medicine study is to advance healthcare by integrating comprehensive genomic data and health information toward understanding hereditary disease susceptibilities.

Led by principal investigator Svati Shah, MD, MHS, Associate Dean of Genomics, the study hopes to recruit over 100,000 consented Duke patients. The study is designed to ensure a diverse representation of populations, and was informed through input from community groups. The study will also offer return of genetic sequencing results from the research.

The collaborators stated in a release that Duke researchers and clinicians who will work in tandem to integrate research findings into patient care, and hopes to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and clinical practice.

Learn more about the OneDukeGen study and how Duke patients will be invited to participate. 

Reference: “Duke University Health System Launches OneDukeGen, a New Precision Medicine Study,” August 15, 2023. Duke University School of Medicine.

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