Early Stage CRO Celerion Adopts Participant Verification System


Company News Release

Celerion is pleased to announce it has implemented VCT Verify™ from Verified Clinical Trials, to instantaneously ensure accurate participant identification and qualification for clinical research. Celerion is the first Early Stage Contract Research Organization (CRO) to partner with Verified Clinical Trials to set the standard for the industry to adopt.

Celerion will more effectively screen and select higher quality study participants by using this tool to instantly identify ineligible candidates for enrollment. The system searches a global clinical database registry to identify participants that are currently enrolled in other clinical studies. Clients benefit from improved participant selection and higher data integrity.

Celerion chose to implement the VCT Verify™ product across all our global clinical facilities to solve the long recognized problem of inaccurate applications that compromise study success. The system has been reviewed and applauded by numerous Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and Verified Clinical Trials is safe harbor certified.

“Celerion continues to apply rigorous standards to protect the safety of participants and enhance data integrity while supporting our commitment to our clients. This implementation sets a standard in the industry to continue to improve clinical research and more effectively bring new drugs to the market,” said Phil Bach, Vice President of Global Clinical Research at Celerion. “We are excited to partner with Verified Clinical Trials, the leader in this specialized field, to take a firm stance on ensuring the highest quality data and participants for our clients.”


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