eClinicalHealth and Clinerion Launch Certification


Stirling, UK – eClinicalHealth Limited, a technology and consulting company dedicated to providing innovative clinical trial solutions, has announced a technology-enabled collaboration with Clinerion that will offer unprecedented access to 27.5 million potential study candidates at several hospitals in Turkey.
The Clinerion-supported hospitals in Turkey will complete an online training program and earn Clinpal Readiness Certification. The training ensures each hospital has key stakeholders with the skills necessary to solicit, enroll and engage study patients through its use of the Clinpal technology.
Results from a recent, successful remote study sponsored by the Clinpal team showed that patient compliance can increase by 18 percent and time investment can reduce by 22 percent when technology is used to support the patient recruitment and engagement process.

“We are excited about the new horizons the Clinpal Readiness Certification offers our clients,” said Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “Turkey has a consistent high quality of hospital data, a single countrywide data standard and government support for clinical trials. In addition, Turkish patients have a high willingness to participate in clinical trials.”
Nine of the Clinerion-supported hospitals in Turkey are in Istanbul, Konya and Malatya and are actively running over 300 clinical trials. The hospitals provide access to a population of 27.5 million and over 100 physicians and practicing investigators who conduct clinical trials. These hospitals are dedicated to clinical research and offer clinical trial trendsetters in oncology, cardiology, endocrine surgery, pediatric neurology and general practice.
eClinicalHealth and Clinerion will leverage the complementary nature of their respective technologies, Clinpal and Patient Recruitment System, by offering them in tandem to hospitals, sponsor companies and CROs. These technologies, combined with the large population base and available investigators, will enable sponsors and CROs to get trials underway faster than ever before.
“The Clinpal Readiness Certification speeds the overall recruitment process and advances patient engagement,” said Karl Landert, chairman of the board and CEO of eClinicalHealth. “Jointly, with Clinerion, we are eager to advance technology-enabled clinical trials in the Turkish hospital setting.”
About eClinicalHealth
Headquartered in Scotland, eClinicalHealth Limited, developers of the revolutionary Clinpal patient engagement platform, was founded in early 2012 to provide innovative clinical trial solutions. The company is committed to leading open and collaborative innovation discussions about patient-centric clinical trial processes and technology with pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other service and technology providers.
About Clinerion
Clinerion is an international technology services company offering highly scalable electronic patient recruitment solutions to increase efficiency and quality in clinical research. The company's Patient Recruitment System connects to and leverages existing electronic medical records. Following international privacy and confidentiality standards, Clinerion's solutions pseudonymize, enrich and normalize those records and facilitate real-time patient recruitment for clinical trials.

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