ERT Introduces an Enhanced Platform to Streamline Data Collection, Analysis and Processing in Clinical Trials


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ERT, a global technology-driven provider of health outcomes services to biopharmaceutical organizations, medical device companies and contract research organizations (CROs), today announced the launch of an enhanced clinical research workflow technology designed to streamline data collection, analysis and processing in clinical trials. The new offering, which comprises the EXPERT3 workflow platform and MyStudyPortal3 reporting engine, can simultaneously process health outcomes data across cardiac safety, Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)/ePRO and respiratory studies. The integrated platform offers users a simple way to process multiple types of data accurately, leading to fewer errors in studies, and as a result, shorter lead times. Adopting the enhanced solution can help sponsors, CROs and trial sites facilitate informed decision making throughout the drug development process, while also providing evidence and support for product approvals and labeling claims.

Built on ERT’s renowned EXPERT technology that underpins all of ERT’s data acquisition, analysis and reporting, the new integrated platform can support more studies concurrently and is able to process a combination of data across multiple therapy areas. The solution also supports a full suite of COA/ePRO, cardiac safety and respiratory devices, as well as a range of clinical endpoint devices such as glucometers and activity monitors. As the customer interface for EXPERT3, MyStudyPortal3 is an easy-to-use web interface which enables users to view trial data generated by EXPERT3 on demand and in real time from anywhere in the world. By implementing the solution, users can view all important information relating to a trial and receive instant online support relating to the data generated.

Jeffrey Litwin, CEO of ERT, comments: “The launch of EXPERT3 and MyStudyPortal3 demonstrates ERT’s commitment to providing its customers with an efficient, all-encompassing method to streamline health outcomes data collection.” He continues, “As the industry continues to search for ways to produce the most accurate data possible, this enhanced solution will enable clinical researchers to make better timely decisions relating to the progression of their studies, reducing the economic and time burden of unsuccessful studies and compounds, and ultimately, helping pharmaceutical companies to improve the development of new drugs.”

The use of specialist technology such as EXPERT3 provides a validated platform to customize trials workflows to collect various outcome endpoints through a single interface. The highly configurable tool provides the ability to leverage client specific standards to facilitate the study set up process using validated and proven tools which drives quality across various studies within a program.

MyStudyPortal3 has been developed to make sites more independent by providing a platform to manage results from multiple data streams as well as reduce the burden of site administrative tasks through an interactive portal. Features include capability to resolve queries through instant online support, order trial supplies and view reference material, analyze clinical endpoints and implement customized alerts. In addition, study data only takes 30 seconds to populate, allowing for fast data collection and any abnormal data to be identified and reported straight away, resulting in less redundant information. Reporting is also made easy through MyStudyPortal3 as sponsors and users are able to generate reports independently through logging into the system and printing their own reports instantaneously.

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