ERT Launches Centralized Cardiac Safety 2.0: A New Approach to ECG Management in Clinical Trials


Company News Release

ERT, a provider of centralized services to the biopharmaceutical, medical device and related industries, announced the launch of Centralized Cardiac Safety 2.0, a portfolio of new solutions that enable a new approach to cardiac safety in clinical trials. These new solutions were developed to overcome many of the perceived barriers to centralizing all ECGs in clinical trials. ERT’s aim is to improve the science of cardiac safety while helping sponsors reduce overall costs with the adoption of a fully centralized approach.

ERT’s Centralized Cardiac Safety 2.0 strives to improve data quality, reduce the investigator workload and improve the overall user experience at the investigative site. The commercial value to sponsors and contract research organizations is derived from cost savings and more efficient operations across entire programs of drug development.

As part of the Centralized Cardiac Safety 2.0 solution, ERT has also introduced ELI-PC from Mortara Instrument. TThis small hand-held ECG collection device aims to make it easier for companies to adopt a centralized system as it interacts automatically with the central database.

Integration of this new ECG machine into computer systems will enable key information, such as patient demographics, to be automatically downloaded before a trial.


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