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Tools for Clinical Trials Professionals

Software enables on-demand report generation from preclinical to manufacturing

iAdvantage (Cary, NC) just launched a reporting generator called ePublisher, an offshoot of the company's eStudy management solution. The standalone software, which is Web-based, enables users in life science fields the ability to design templates and generate reports on-demand. ePublisher is compatible with familiar word processing and spreadsheet software, including Word and Excel.

Available formatting options include single data points, text, tables, and images. The software can pull data from Oracle and Sequel databases simultaneously into the same report. Users point ePublisher to the data source, select the data set of interest and the desired report template, and click on "generate report."

Its manufacturer says that ePublisher reduces report generation from weeks to months, with applications from development and preclinical, including toxicology, safety, and efficacy, through to clinical and throughout the manufacturing process.


iAdvantage, (919) 469-3888,

Manage recruitment from investigative site selection through patient retention

BBK Healthcare, Inc. (Newton, MA) recently released the latest version of its TrialCentralNet enrollment data management software package with enhanced functionalities. This version offers users more customization options and instant data generation. With TrialCentralNet 4.0, all key parties, from sponsors, investigative site staff, clinical research associates, country study managers, and patient recruitment professionals, have 24/7 access to clinical study enrollment data. TrialCentralNet is a secure, pass-word-protected software tool.

The manufacturer says that with TrialCentralNet, users can integrate data from many sources and quickly generate reports, plus they can customize view for individuals or groups in any language. The software package functions as a document repository for all study-related tools in a secure, regulatory-compliant "patient manager" database. The software also offers scheduling and screening functionalities.

TrialCentralNet 4.0

BBK Healthcare, Inc., (617) 630-4477,

Clinical data repository tool gives life science professionals a leg up on regulatory compliance

Oracle (Redwood Shores, CA) has unveiled a solution for bringing together clinical data from multiple sources and storing it for regulatory compliance applications. Oracle Clinical Data Repository is designed to help life science companies manage all aspects of central data repository integration, from data access to transformation to persistence and distribution.

The product is aligned with current efforts to standardize clinical data, such as those underway by CDISC. According to Oracle, the solution will provide organizations with a controlled, structured environment in which to build and store data in a ready-to-submit format. All data objects in Oracle Clinical Data Repository are fully audited and version controlled. Designed to help companies simplify data management tasks, the tools enable researchers to focus on data interpretation instead of report creation.

Oracle Clinical Data Repository

Oracle, (650) 506-7000,

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