European Hospital Leverages OmniComm TrialMaster EDC


OmniComm’s EDC Technology to Serve Central Role in Infectious Disease Study

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A large nationwide infectious disease observational study in Europe will receive electronic data capture (EDC) technology and related services from OmniComm Systems, Inc., a leading provider of clinical data management technology. As an integral part of the innovative study, a European research hospital selected OmniComm’s TrialMaster EDC to integrate privacy-protected patient data from the hospital’s electronic health records, a process known as eSource.

The study is unique because 100 percent of the research data will be pulled from electronic health records, as opposed to traditional paper sources. Once the data is imported into TrialMaster, the study will be conducted using OmniComm’s EDC technology. TrialMaster will be used as a data management engine - to aggregate, monitor, review, analyze, report and submit study data to regulators.

“This infectious disease study is innovative, and TrialMaster’s role in the project is unique for several reasons. The role of EDC becomes more focused on backend data management and review, as opposed to frontend data capture,” said Ken Light, executive vice president, professional services at OmniComm Systems. “We are extremely proud that the European research hospital is leveraging TrialMaster for the study of a major infectious disease. We are pleased to be partnering and working with such a world- class organization.”

Electronic source data guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration in 2013 and the European Medicines Agency in 2010 opened the door and set new standards for how data can be gathered for clinical trials and studies. Those guidelines now allow researchers to pull data directly from e-records and mobile devices, while also providing strict safeguards for protecting patient privacy. For example, to maintain patient privacy, the European hospital will remove patient identities prior to exporting the electronic data into TrialMaster.

There are several benefits of this method of data capture, including improved quality of data, greater efficiency and enhanced timeliness. OmniComm was selected for the project because of these factors:

  • Ease of integration. OmniComm’s interoperable technology integrates well with other systems.

  • Experience and expertise. OmniComm’s staff provides extensive background and expertise

  • about industry trends, regulations and best practices for E-sourcing.

In fact, OmniComm’s expertise in integrating electronic medical record (EMR) systems was a key factor in the selection decision. Data captured from the research hospital’s EMR will automatically import into TrialMaster. This comprehensive eSource solution will help the institution realize the following:

  • Accelerate the process of data capture.

  • Eliminate unnecessary duplication of data.

  • Reduce transcription errors.

  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of data.

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