Every Tenth New European Drug Was Developed in Turku


Applied Clinical Trials

Three different drugs developed in Finland have received a marketing authorization during the past year, and a positive decision is expected on the application of a fourth marketing authorization.

The FDA has granted a marketing authorization for two drugs developed in Turku, Finland--the IUD Skyla, developed, by Bayer and intended for women who have not given birth, and Hormos Medical’s Ophena for postmenopausal symptoms. With the marketing authorization of Selincro, a Biotie drug intended for the treatment of alcohol addiction, granted by the EMA, that brings the total number of drugs developed in Turku and granted marketing authorizations to three, with a fourth expected to follow.

There are only about 30 new drugs that receive the marketing authorization in Europe per year, a number that makes the turnout from Turku even more significant.

Read the full release here.

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