Frontage Offers EDC Through New Partnership with DSG


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Frontage Laboratories, Inc. now offers clients faster clinical trial data collection and increased accuracy through advanced electronic data capture (EDC) technology. Clinical research clients will benefit from a new strategic partnership between Frontage and DSG Inc. Study coordinators working with Frontage Clinical Services worldwide now have access to DSG’s eCaseLink 8.0 software system.

DSG’s eCaseLink system is a Web based EDC that replaces traditional hand written case report forms (CRFs). Its user friendly eCRFs appear within a browser window and are identical to traditional paper case report forms. This feature is offered only by DSG and simplifies the transition from paper to electronic data collection, saving time and money.

“What study coordinators really like about DSG is that it mirrors the paper CRF,” said Jason Wu, MD, Sr. VP and General Manager of Frontage Clinical Services. “The beauty of DSG is that everybody feels comfortable and confident with it, including the clinical research associates. With the intuitive nature of eCaseLink and the combined experience of DSG and Frontage, our clinical research customers are getting the right solution and service to make their programs a success,” he added.

While more biopharmaceutical companies have adopted clinical EDC, some remain concerned that technical challenges and start-up costs make the transition risky. The hesitancy comes in part from problems with home grown EDC systems provided by over ambitious contract research organizations. The alliance between Frontage and DSG addresses these concerns with a system that has been validated in more than 1,000 clinical trials.

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