GE Healthcare Announces New Clinical Research Management Solution

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Company News Release

GE Healthcare

announced Centricity Research, a new clinical research management solution (CRMS). Centricity Research will help improve the efficiency and efficacy of clinical research studies, enterprise-wide, by driving better management of treatment plans, processes, and protocols while supporting research billing compliance.
Centricity Research is the industry’s first enterprise-class clinical research management solution.  Centricity Research helps institutions conducting clinical or translational research manage the growing complexity of research processes and compliance requirements. Centricity Research has robust functionality, built on the foundation of the currently available Centricity Patient Protocol Management solution, to support both the institutions’ and researchers’ efforts in achieving compliance, enhancing safety, increasing subject recruitment, and facilitating agency audits.
In addition, GE Healthcare has developed a strategic partnership with mdlogix, which developed its CRMS in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and other leading clinical research institutions.
Centricity Research helps ensure adherence to protocols and maximizes clinical research dollars, while providing the foundation for the continuous improvement of research processes. The platform can integrate with a variety of existing institutional systems, including electronic IRB systems, EMR/EPR systems, and revenue cycle management (RCM) systems.