goBalto Analyze Provides Advanced Clinical Study Startup Reporting


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New product aims to give CROs and sponsors a competitive advantage

goBalto, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based clinical study startup solutions, announced today the release of Analyze, a reporting tool that provides a real-time view into clinical operations data.

With Analyze, study managers now gain deeper, instant insight into performance across accounts, portfolios, studies, countries, and sites. Users can also customize and share reports, internally and externally to members of partnering organizations. Customers can create new reports based on the standard ones available in Analyze, or build new, ad-hoc reports using an easy to use editing interface.

Analyze interacts seamlessly with goBalto’s flagship product, Activate, where information about sites, documents, submissions, milestones, and the status of activities related to them are tracked and managed. Analyze is also hosted in the cloud, so it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Analyze enables support for analytics by allowing you to instantly view status, quantify your team’s performance, and discover meaningful patterns in your clinical study startup data.

Recognizing that good data increasingly translates to a competitive advantage for its customers, goBalto built Analyze with the goals of simplicity, completeness, and flexibility. Customizable reports, drag and drop visualizations, and interactive dashboards allow decision makers to make faster, better decisions that improve performance and directly impact their clinical study startup conduct.

“Our customers were eager for a solution like Analyze,” said Andrea Sim, goBalto VP Product. “They’re already embracing all of the advantages that come with using Activate. Now, we’re providing them with the ability to gain even further insight into their study startup status, cycle times, and bottlenecks. Analyze is where big data meets and exceeds our customer’s needs.”

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