Greenphire Launches Clinical Trial Budget Build Solution EnvisiX


Applied Clinical Trials

Greenphire has announced the launch of EnvisiX to address the budgeting challenges experienced by global sponsors and CROs during study start-up. The new budget development solution aims to streamline trial initiation for sponsors and CROs and eliminate guesswork during the budgeting process to deliver a smarter, more efficient workflow.

EnvisiX integrates with eClinicalGPS, Greenphire’s site payment solution, enabling simplicity and efficiency throughout a trial from budget creation and negotiation to management, execution, and tracking of global investigator grants.

“Greenphire is dedicated to engineering workflow and data solutions that transform business processes, reducing administrative burden and improving process effectiveness at each step of the clinical trial,” said Jim Murphy, Greenphire CEO. “With EnvisiX, stakeholders gain visibility and control over historically manual and fragmented budget build and negotiation workflows, ensuring improved speed and accuracy along the way.”

EnvisiX will enable sponsors and CROs to:

  • Have access to the most robust and contemporary investigator grant payment data in the industry

  • Simplify the budget creation and negotiation workflow for improved collaboration, transparency and management of rates, adjustments, adjudications, approvals and more

  • Benefit from an integration with the industry leading site payment solution, eClinicalGPS, providing a unified workflow from budget build and negotiation through payment execution and analysis

  • Access expert teams of local negotiators with country-level budget knowledge and international lawyers providing in-country consultation and regulatory oversight and guidance

  • Achieve or beat ‘First Patient In’ milestone targets by eliminating administrative burden and reducing cycle times

“For years, sponsors and CROs have expressed dissatisfaction with their study start-up processes. We have developed EnvisiX as a direct response to frustrations with the current workflows and solutions available in the market today,” said Kyle Cunningham, Chief Product Officer at Greenphire. “Our mission was to ensure that EnvisiX provides our customers with a streamlined and user-friendly experience for building a budget and ultimately to enable maximized confidence, defensibility and end-to-end efficiency via a direct integration and feedback loop with eClinicalGPS, the industry’s leading site payment solution.”

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