Greenphire Releases New Visual Analytics Features for eClinicalGPS


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Greenphire announced the release of new visual analytics functionality for its eClinicalGPS technology.

Greenphire, the leading provider of payment technologies for the clinical trials industry, today announced the release of new visual analytics functionality for its eClinicalGPS technology. The new functionality is designed to empower Greenphire's clients to transform the clinical payment management process into a method of aggregating strategic data that enables more effective clinical trial forecasting, planning, tracking and quantitative assessment across all of their studies.

With the enhanced analytics functionality, clients will gain never-before-available insights into the financial health of their studies. By linking key cost drivers like subject enrollment and site-level clinical activity to contract and other financial data, clients are able to make more effective business decisions, in real-time, that ensure a trial is completed on-time and on-budget. Clients can also track actual costs versus budgets and create projections at a site, country, single-study, multi-study or therapeutic-area level.

The new features will build on eClinicalGPS's ability to dramatically reduce the administrative processes, service-based payment management expense, and risks associated with manual processing of investigator payments while simultaneously increasing site satisfaction and ensuring compliance with global transparency regulations.

"eClinicalGPS collects a large volume of contract, study-performance and financial data throughout the course of a clinical trial, and we're very excited to release new functionality to help our clients make this data actionable. By enabling our clients to visualize trends, instantly identify cost or performance issues, and model what-if scenarios, we help to ensure successful study execution. We're very excited to see what 'big data' can do for our clients," said David Wallace, Greenphire's Chief Technology Officer.

Sam Whitaker, co-founder and CEO of Greenphire, added, "With the increasing complexity of clinical trials and the concurrent pressure to keep costs down, any tool that can help our clients stay on top of the financial health of a study is essential. Although our eClinicalGPS has always provided access to data and reporting, the visual representation of the underlying eClinicalGPS data now enables our clients to more effectively understand trends and operational scenarios, in real-time, to strategically manage clinical studies."

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