Hadassah Selects YonaLink’s EHR-to-EDC Clinical Trial Platform to Integrate Clinical Care and Research Data

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YonaLink has announced its EHR-to-EDC data integration platform has been implemented by Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) in Jerusalem. Hadassah is leveraging YonaLink’s SaaS solution to stream and map up-to-date, real-time patient data directly from EHR to EDCsystems, enabling greater speed, quality, and efficiency in clinical trial data collection.

The partnership with YonaLink is part of Hadassah’s larger focus on driving innovation in medical research and making Hadassah and Israel hubs for global clinical trials across therapeutic areas. Using YonaLink’s technology will enable Hadassah to partner with clinical trial sponsors and research stakeholders around the world and expand access to the medical center’s R&D capabilities.

YonaLink’s platform provides the capabilities to stream up-to-date data from any clinical site’s EHR system, in any part of the world, and populate it within YonaLink’s EDC. With built-in eConsent and ePRO/eCOA and streaming EHR-to-EDC capabilities, YonaLink’s EDC provides a solution for today’s clinical trial needs, bringing EDC and eSource functionality together in a single tool.



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