Health Decisions Integrates Monitor View into its HD360° CTMS


Durham, NC-September 24, 2009 Health Decisions introduced the next phase of its recently launched HD360° trial management platform: Monitor View, the second of three modules that will complete the system. The new module promotes more strategic, proactive trial management and aims to reduce monitors’ time and travel expenses.

With this upgrade, monitors from both Health Decisions and sponsor companies can perform tasks and access information through a simplified, customizable Web environment that features search and reporting tools and automated resolution of some query types. HD360° Monitor View also schedules site monitoring visits based on the quantity of work amassed at each individual site, instead of according to a pre-ordained schedule. This is meant to reduce travel time and expense while promoting faster, more organized database locks. In addition to basic trial information, HD360° Monitor View also tracks site performance metrics

According to Health Decisions COO Rick Farris, this approach is Monitor View’s key benefit and the basis of the HD360° system.
“For a clinical trial to be truly efficient, every person working on it must have access to the right information-which includes both performance data and meaningful analysis-as quickly as possible,” said Farris.

It aligns seamlessly with HD360° Investigator View, released earlier this summer. The final module Sponsor View is scheduled for release next year and will feature enhanced reporting and analysis tools for sponsors.

“The HD360° system creates one central control hub for the collection, management and analysis of all clinical data and metrics,” said Maurice Hagar, head of IT at Health Decisions. “Each study role-investigator site, monitor, sponsor and every function in between-will be equipped with information to more actively contribute to the study’s overall success.”

Coinciding with Monitor View’s integration into the HD360° system, Health Decisions also added upgrades to HD360° Investigator View. The upgrades are based on feedback from the four investigator sites participating in the initial launch, and include sleeker reports, enhanced search filters for locating queries and subjects, more targeted metrics, and enhanced security and password recovery options.

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