Hyfe AI and ActiGraph Partner on AI-Powered Cough Detection


Hyfe has announced its partnership with ActiGraph to advance the use of AI-powered cough detection in clinical trials. Together, the companies are developing a new digital health tool to collect a combination of data. Hyfe’s Acoustic AI technology will be integrated into the new FDA-cleared ActiGraph LEAP™ to detect cough frequency and pattern to reveal an in-depth view of an individual’s health, an advancement in clinical research for chronic cough, COPD, congestive heart failure, asthma, and the many other conditions for which cough is an important symptom. 

The ActiGraph LEAP contains collections of sensors that can continuously monitor sleep, mobility, heart rate and variability, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and skin temperature in a single fit-for-purpose device. The addition of Hyfe’s cough data tracking supports the development of novel digital endpoints for improved pharmaceutical interventions for cough.

“We are thrilled to partner with ActiGraph and introduce our technology for integrating cough monitoring into their latest device,” said Joe Brew, co-founder and CEO of Hyfe. “The existing methods of assessing cough in clinical trials are antiquated, and through this collaboration, we share a unified vision of revolutionizing this space with advanced digital measures.”

“We are continuously looking for ways to advance the use of digital health technologies in clinical trials, and we are pleased to partner with the team at Hyfe to capture meaningful information about a key indicator of a patient's health: cough,” said Jeremy Wyatt, CEO of ActiGraph. “We see this as an incredibly valuable partnership that will give the clinical trial and pharmaceutical industries more comprehensive data than they’ve ever had before."

The partnership is part of ActiGraph’s Accelerant™ program, which aims to advance the use of digital health technologies in clinical development by simplifying CROs’ and technology vendors’ access to raw data streams.


Hyfe AI and ActiGraph Partner to Revolutionize Clinical Trials with AI-Powered Cough Detection. (2023, August 15). Hyfe AI.

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