ICN Adopts Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System


Clinerion and the The International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN), a collection of academic and government-based research institutions, announced the adoption of Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment Service for ICN’s members. This system brings medical informatics solutions for protocol design, site selection and patient recruitment.

Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System brings automated medical informatics solutions for protocol design, site selection and patient recruitment to members of the International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN).

  Basel, April 19, 2016 – Clinerion and the International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) announce the adoption of Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System (PRS) as an officially recommended service for members of the ICN. PRS’s three modules, Protocol Designer, Site Finder and Patient Finder, bring leading-edge medical informatics innovations to this network, which includes many of the world’s premier clinical research institutions.   Patient recruitment consumes, on average, 30% of costs and time spent in late-stage clinical trials. Furthermore, up to 50% of all trial delays are caused by slow recruitment. The adoption of PRS accelerates the clinical trial process by helping to optimize protocols, select high-potential trials sites and find more suitable patients in real-time.   Within PRS, patient identification is based on real data, with less time wasted on feasibility tests and manual searches, making the trial site more efficient. Recruitment for time-critical trials is facilitated by automated alerts sent by PRS as suitable patients are identified in real time.   With higher efficiency and more patients recruited, trial sites can run more innovative studies and increase their reputation for high performance.   The ICN, a network of top-tier academic and government-based clinical research institutions worldwide, promotes excellence in clinical trial practices through the exchange of best practices. To this end, selected cutting-edge technology is validated and adopted by ICN members for use within its community.   “Adoption by the ICN as an official service is a great honor which speaks to the benefits that PRS can bring to clinical research,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “We are committed to help improve the performance of hospitals in running trials and giving patients and physicians better access to the latest developmental drugs.”   “I am impressed by the track record of PRS in identifying many more suitable patients in a shorter time than through conventional methods,” says PD Dr. Gabriela Senti, Head of the Clinical Trials Center of the University Hospital Zürich, the current chair institution of the ICN. “We are pleased to have PRS as a service for our ICN members.”   For more on Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System:



About the International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN)

  The ICN is a network of academic and government-based research institutions that collaborate to connect excellence in clinical research. ICN brings together top-tier experience and knowledge of clinical trial centers from across the globe. The ICN invites membership from high-quality clinical research organizations who adhere to ICH-GCP and other generally accepted international standards. ICN members are committed to provide effective and cutting edge capabilities and infrastructure for clinical research. ICN website:



About Clinerion

  Clinerion is an international technology services company offering highly scalable electronic patient recruitment solutions to increase efficiency and quality in clinical research. The company's Patient Recruitment System connects to and leverages existing electronic medical records. Following international privacy and confidentiality standards, Clinerion's solutions pseudonimyze, enrich and normalize those records and facilitate real-time patient recruitment for clinical trials. Clinerion website:


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