ICRC-Weyer, Allied Clinical Management Form MEDIS Research Group


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The Berlin-based clinical contract research organizations, ICRC-Weyer and Allied Clinical Management, have announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance, as part of the newly founded MEDIS Research Group

In a move to better meet requirements of clinical trial sponsors, ICRC-Weyer and Allied Clinical Management have entered into a strategic partnership by forming MEDIS Research Group. The partnership will enable the two CROs to combine clinical research expertise and to provide complete service solutions across all stages of the clinical development process.

The decision to form MEDIS Research Group came as a reaction to a shift in the market towards consolidation in the industry that could be observed over the last few years. ICRC-Weyer and Allied Clinical Management, both based in Berlin, have been successfully working together on several clinical trial projects, with Allied Clinical Management handling trial conduct, site management and monitoring, while ICRC-Weyer delivers “back-office” services such as clinical data management, biostatistics and medical writing.

"The cooperation between our two companies has been very good and successful" says Simone Ahrens, Managing Director of ICRC-Weyer. "We think it is the right time now to fully combine our expertise and deliver our services under the name of this newly formed joint venture. This will enable us to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as medical device manufacturers and nutraceuticals managing their entire trial projects for them – the complete range of services from one hand."

Momentarily, MEDIS Research Group consists of ICRC-Weyer and Allied Clinical Management. However, the two companies are already in discussions with clinical research services providers, such as clinical laboratories and medical communication experts that they have already worked with in the past, to join the group and to complete the complete range of clinical trial services from protocol design to writing the final clinical study report.

Michael Roehl, Managing Director of Allied Clinical Management, adds: "Consolidation and Specialization. These are two of the major business challenges our industry has been facing over the last few years. With our trial conduct experience in areas such as oncology and cardiovascular diseases and ICRC-Weyer’s highly specialized medical data management and data analysis services, trial sponsors can draw from our clinical research expertise to receive best value for money for their clinical trial projects."

In order to provide a single service point for their clients, the two companies have developed and implemented SOPs to streamline their collaboration processes. This ensures that there is one main contract with the client and one contact person who will guide the client’s clinical trial project from commencement to its successful conclusion.

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