IgniteData and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Announce Collaboration


IgniteData has announced a new collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Joining the MSK Innovation Hub, IgniteData will provide data transfer integration between the EHR at MSK and the electronic systems of two major clinical trial sponsors, with the expectation of expanding this project to include additional sponsors and trials. The collaboration is aiming to improve the process of data collection for cancer research by reducing the requirement for time-consuming data duplication and source data verification (SDV).

IgniteData’s system-agnostic electronic data transfer technology, Archer, eliminates the need for researchers to manually transcribe data such as vital signs and labs. Archer’s Smart Mapping Engine matches site and sponsor ontologies and normalises complex healthcare data. The solution enables research staff to transfer existing regulatory-grade data from the EHR to the sponsor’s study database.

The MSK Innovation Hub brings together health technology innovators and MSK’s community of researchers, clinicians, and digital health professionals through a program designed to advance the prevention, treatment, and cure of cancer. The MSK Innovation Hub is targeted at accelerating development of innovative products and businesses.


IgniteData and Leading New York City Cancer Center Collaborate to Solve the Clinical Trial Data Transfer Challenge. (2023, June). IgniteData.

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