Impact Corelab to Move to New Corporate Headquarters in Sacramento


Company News Release

Impact Corelab, Inc. (ICI) announced the completion of work on its new corporate headquarters suite in Sacramento. In March, the company plans to move staff and operations into the facility, which adjoins the offices of Radiological Associates of Sacramento (RAS), whose radiologists provide specialized medical resources and support for customers of ICI’s imaging corelab services. The move is expected to enable a high degree of strategic collaboration between the two firms.

Located at 1500 Expo Parkway in Sacramento, the newly built office suite will allow ICI to concentrate its core activities in one location, including executive leadership, imaging operations, radiology read workstations, business development, data hosting/management, customer support and project management.

“We are pleased with the completion of our new headquarters space,” said Dr. Benjamin Franc M.D., M.S., acting CEO and Chairman of the Board. “This is an opportunity for us to consolidate the key corporate functions that will help fuel future growth as well as providing us with the proximity we wanted to enable close collaboration with our radiological affiliate, RAS, to serve the needs of ICI’s growing customer base.”

RAS’ team of 1,000 radiology professionals includes doctors, radiology specialists, and project managers to help support customers of ICI, which combines cloud-based data on demand technology with radiological services to deliver transparency, reliability, and query reduction for sponsors and CROs in image-based trials.

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