Improving Engagement While Maintaining Data Integrity & Validity


In recognition of Women's Health Month, we're featuring this recent talk between Associate Editor Miranda Schmalfuhs and uMotif's Chief Product Officer, Julia Lakeland, discuss new technologies improving patient engagement and reducing the emotional and logistical burdens of participation, ethical considerations that should be addressed when implementing those technologies, while ensuring patient privacy, and much more.

Associate Editor, Miranda Schmalfuhs, and uMotif's Chief Product Officer, Julia Lakeland, discuss:

  • What kinds of technologies can be developed to improve patient engagement and reduce the emotional and logistical burdens of participation—while maintaining data integrity and validity
  • How new technologies can personalize the clinical trial experience for diverse patient populations, considering factors like age, access to resources, and cultural needs—while still ensuring inclusivity and equitable access to participation
  • Ethical considerations that need to be addressed when developing and implementing new technologies for collecting and analyzing patient data in clinical trials—while still ensuring patient privacy, data security, and informed consent

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