INC Research Launches Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network

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RALEIGH, N.C., July 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-INC Research Holdings, Inc., a global Phase I to IV contract research organization, announced the launch of the company’s Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network as part of its existing Catalyst program, introduced last year, to support collaborations with clinical research sites worldwide. The goal of the program is to improve patient focus and study delivery.

INC selected 32 clinical research sites to participate in the initial launch of the Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network, which was formed to respond to the rapid growth and pipeline of psychiatric studies. The Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network joins INC’s existing networks in place in support of oncology and vaccine clinical research.

“Demonstrating our continued focus on strong site collaboration to improve study delivery, INC Research has expanded its Catalyst program into the Central Nervous System (CNS) and specifically, psychiatry clinical research,” says Clare Grace, PhD, Vice President, Site and Patient Access, INC Research. “Our Catalyst initiative aligns with INC’s deep therapeutic focus and supports the delivery of high-quality, actionable data to advance new therapies. Our expansion of the program in response to the growing number of psychiatric studies-recognized as among the more complex therapeutic areas in clinical research-will leverage expert insights to further enhance clinical development and accelerate new therapies to market in this critical area.”

INC’s Psychiatry Catalyst Network will play a role in the psychiatry studies the company conducts on behalf of its customers, particularly in the more challenging psychiatric indications. “Many of the newer schizophrenia and depression studies require a greater commitment from investigators than in previous years, and INC’s Catalyst program provides a strong foundation by establishing clear and mutually agreeable expectations regarding the administrative aspects of running a clinical trial from the onset,” says Tom Zoda, PhD, Executive Vice President and General Manager, CNS Clinical Development, INC Research. “By easing the administrative burden for sites, we are better positioning them to spend more time focusing on enrollment of suitable patients and engagement of their caregivers. Our goal through the Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network is to raise the caliber and quality of work in psychiatry clinical trials for the ultimate benefit of patients in need of these medications.”

“I am excited to be part of INC’s Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network, which builds on its Protocol Review Site Advocacy Group (SAG) implemented in 2015 to engage sites earlier on in the scientific and operational aspects of CNS clinical trials to improve patient engagement and ultimately study delivery,” says David Walling, PhD, a principal investigator with Collaborative Neuroscience Network, LLC.  Through both the Protocol Review SAG and the Psychiatry Catalyst Site Network, INC will further streamline processes to improve the patient experience while ultimately accelerating new therapies to market for customers.

Dr. Andrew Kim, Principal Investigator with Alexian Brothers Center for Psychiatric Research, added, “Improving communication and reducing redundancies among sponsors, CROs, and sites enables us to overcome obstacles and barriers more efficiently and deliver potential breakthroughs to patients in a more timely manner. The Catalyst Psychiatry Site Network helps to create this collaboration, which I am proud to support."

Participation in INC’s Catalyst Psychiatry Site Network is by invitation only with membership initially focused on the US. Members will have the opportunity to participate in an increased volume of psychiatric-related trials, with dedicated relationship managers supporting each site and facilitating better alignment of protocols to their interests and expertise. Membership will be reviewed regularly to ensure the network is meeting customer needs. INC Research expects to continue the expansion of its Catalyst program to include additional therapeutic areas, indications and regions.

Over the past five years, INC Research has conducted over than 115 psychiatry studies across all phases of development, including studies that address conditions like schizophrenia, suicidality, depression and dementia.

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