INC Research, SAS Collaborate to Improve Clinical Trials Outcomes


Company News Release

INC Research and SAS are working together to improve clinical development risk management and achieve targeted product profiles through analytics. Collaborating with SAS, INC Research aims to offer biopharmaceutical customers an integrated suite of tools to increase decision-making speed, efficiency, and flexibility. The ultimate goal is to improve a customer’s ability to manage risk, control investment, and maximize ROI in clinical development.

“In an environment of growing trial complexity and shrinking R&D budgets, our biopharmaceutical customers demand innovative solutions and enhanced efficiencies in drug development,” said James Ogle, INC Research Chief Executive Officer. “By joining forces with SAS and its advanced analytics platform, INC Research aims to help customers better predict commercially successful outcomes earlier in the process to maximize development efforts.”

SAS’ advanced analytics platform will boost INC Research’s ability to optimize clinical trial designs and proactively manage operations. By gaining access to SAS software through a hosted delivery model, INC Research hopes customers will achieve more rapid and informed decisions, faster time to market, and improved cash flow.

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