Indian CRO 'Max Neeman International' Expands Asia-Pacific Presence with New Sites


Company News Release

Max Neeman International now has a larger Asia-Pac footprint with new presence and capabilities in neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The company has additional locations in India, Europe and N. America.

These Asia-Pacific countries are ideal locations for clinical trials due to access to many treatment naive patients across a variety of disease areas, local medical expertise and infrastructure, standard of care that is comparable to developed countries and, regulatory ease. Sponsors will have increased access to an additional 200M+ patient population while in close proximity to the Max Neeman organization. This scenario coupled with a high number of English speaking and well-qualified physicians provides the same advantages as India offers both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness for conducting clinical trials.

In Bangladesh, Max Neeman has well established contacts with the leading investigators and physicians of the country and is capable of running the project end to end. The company's in-house Regulatory team handles the regulatory submissions and Ethics Committee [EC] submissions at Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC); the regulatory body for governing clinical trials in Bangladesh. Also for overall project management of the study, Max Neeman CRAs and PMs will manage site selection, qualification, and monitoring of all sites, to ensure that the study is conducted per ICH GCP and local regulatory guidelines.

In Sri Lanka and Malaysia, the overall Project Management for the study will also be carried out by Max Neeman's operations team for site qualification and monitoring of sites to ensure the study is being conducted in compliance with ICH GCP and local regulatory guidelines.

'Max Neeman's additional Asia-Pac presence allows us an access to these geographies and hence the subjects. All countries have Regulatory requirements; India is no different and while it may take some additional time to approval, Max Neeman will be ready to start and Sponsors can rest assure that faster recruitment will make up the time,' said COO Dr. Renu Razdan.

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