Innovation Fund Invests in New Project to Advance Clinical Research

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It should be easier for Danes to sign up for and participate in clinical trials. An investment of DKK 15.6 million DKK from the Innovation Fund launches a national project to move clinical research closer to the citizens. It is a number of health Denmark's heaviest and most knowledgeable actors that are behind a strong public-private partnership.

Project to contribute in three ways:

  1. The implementation of a National Experimental Overview. A platform that can give citizens an overview of clinical trials in Denmark, as well as where they can turn to to find out more.
  2. The implementation of a Digital Recruitment Platform that is under development. A platform where access to health data creates better conditions for contact between trial participants and those responsible for clinical trials.
  3. Strengthened framework for patient-centered decentralized clinical trials.

Read more about this investment here.