Integrated Clinical Trial Services Launches New Service

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ICTS Introduces Patient Recruitment Training For Study Coordinators

Raleigh, NC – Tom Sturgis, President of Integrated Clinical Trial Services (ICTS) announced the firm has introduced a new service, Patient Recruitment Training for Study Coordinators. The ICTS Patient Recruitment Training programs are customized to build the study coordinators' working knowledge of patient recruitment activities. The ultimate goal of these sessions is to energize, empower and motivate study coordinators to devote focused time and energy into accelerating patient enrollment. The training sessions generally last one day and are best done in person. However, they can be conducted through active web or an interactive CD-ROM.

"Study coordinators are the backbone of clinical trail patient recruitment activities. Even the best inquiry development program can face serious difficulty if the coordinators are unable to meet the demands of participant management. At ICTS, we continually look for ways to increase patient enrollment for our clients, and we are pleased to offer this new service to help study coordinators better understand their role in patient recruitment," said Sturgis.

About Integrated Clinical Trial Services:

Integrated Clinical Trial Services is a full service patient enrollment firm that provides clinical trial sponsors, contract research organizations and site networks with a comprehensive resource for patient recruitment expertise. The firm's services include patient enrollment feasibility, recruitment strategy, consulting, market research and protocol review, project management, concept design and production, media placement, community resource support, compliance and retention, and more. For more information please call (919) 388-3964. Integrated Clinical Trial Services can be found on the Internet at