inVentiv Health Partners with Medikly In Investigator Recruitment


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inVentiv Health Inc., offering clinical, commercial and consulting services, announced today a strategic partnershipwith Medikly, Inc., a provider of physician engagement solutions to address accelerated investigator recruitment.

Medikly’s multichannel digital technology helps pharmaceutical companies identify, engage, and retain clinical trial investigators by applying a real-time view of doctors based on their preferences and behaviors online. Pharmaceutical companies gain a rich, multidimensional understanding of a physician’s specific areas of interest, preferred method of communications, influence within their community, and a great deal more. Such insights helpovercome barriers between those wanting to recruit investigators and the physician.

Medikly allows trial sponsors to discover physicians likely to be interested in becoming trial investigators because of their work and characteristics that predispose them to research or to recommend patients for a trial. The technology enables trial sponsors to create communities for investigators, develop relevant and sophisticated medical education programs, then measure and apply engagement metrics to understand how healthcare providers will respond to messages. It also allows a pharmaceutical company to expand trial awareness, build trust with physicians, accelerate acquisitionrates, and improve relationships.

“By now, we all know that digital technologies can streamline clinical trials and save costs, but the challenge is knowing which technologies to use and how to best deploy them to save the most money and time,” said Raymond Hill, Executive VP of Clinical for inVentiv Health. “This takes a special kind of expertise, grounded in broad global experience and deep insights into every aspect of drug development. inVentiv Health has that expertise and it is what drives our investment in technologies like Medikly to accelerate clinical trial success.”

While Medikly is primarily focused on the marketing of pharmaceutical products, this agreement gives inVentiv Health exclusive access to their platform and data-collection tools to use in clinical trial recruitment.

“With the Medikly platform, inVentiv will be able to help pharmaceutical clients capture and translate multichannel data into insights and interactive experiences that reach and engage physicians,” said Venkat Gullapalli, MD, CEO and Founder of Medikly. “inVentiv Health has had the foresight to leverage the right digital tools to position itself – and its customers – ahead of the curve.”

Hill noted that inVentiv has 13,000 employees working collaboratively across the globe in diverse healthcare services, as well as a network of a half million healthcare providers, that together give the company the ability to forecast industry trends and opportunities. This allows the company to identify and integrate technologies that solve both current and future problems in ways that no one else can.

“Our approach to streamlining clinical trial recruitment of both physicians and patients is strategic, effective, cost efficient and fast,” Hill said. “This is the future of clinical trial recruitment.”

In May, the respected analyst firm Gartner Inc., identified Medlikly’s platform as a “disruptive technology” and game-changing innovation for pharmaceutical organizations seeking “actionable insights” from detailed practitioner profiling across all available channels (social, face-to-face,mobile, digital, and web). The data facilitates personalized messaging and optimized sales efforts around the individual physician reduce wasted … effort.”

Earlier this year, inVentiv Health announced a strategic investment in Mytrus, which has launched the first FDA-approved electronic informed consent technology in the marketplace. Additional partnership announcements are planned for the coming weeks.

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