Ipsen Makes Strategic Move to Standardize on Veeva Systems' Cloud-Based Content Management Solution to Increase Agility


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Top pharmaceutical company selects Veeva Vault in enterprise initiative to transform IT and empower the business

In a move to increase agility and support its rapid growth, Ipsen is standardizing all content management on a single, cloud-based platform: Veeva Vault. Ipsen is replacing a mix of highly customized solutions built on an outdated legacy platform with Veeva Systems’ suite of applications, spanning from clinical to commercial. The first application deployed was Vault Submissions, which will manage Ipsen’s regulatory submissions content across 20 countries. Ipsen will phase in Vault PromoMats, Vault eTMF, and Vault QualityDocs – business applications for promotional materials, clinical trial documents, and quality documentation management respectfully – to more than 3,000 internal users initially, and to hundreds of external partners.

Ipsen had been using complex systems that required massive customization to accommodate each group’s unique demands and workflows. “Vault provides the flexibility we need to be agile and move quickly as our organization and our markets change,” said Malika Mir, Ipsen’s chief information officer. “Multitenant cloud was a prerequisite. We wanted a platform that delivers rapid innovation and would grow with us.”

Ipsen wanted one, complete solution that would be easily yet securely accessible by internal and external stakeholders. Mir emphasized, “For global corporations, cloud accessibility is one of Veeva’s greatest advantages because it inherently fosters collaboration.”

Veeva Vault will enable Ipsen to harmonize processes across its many regions and partners. “There was no consistency in how groups managed or organized content, which caused too many deviations from our SOPs and created a lot of confusion.” Vault applications codify best practices in each area, while cross-Vault functionality will allow users to access documents from other departments as needed. The Vault suite will connect work streams between clinical, quality, regulatory, and marketing teams. Mir added, “With Vault in place to standardize document processes, we will have greater visibility and efficiency globally.”

Ipsen evaluated four leading content management vendors over six months before selecting Veeva Vault. “Our previous platform was so complicated and difficult to use that it was one of the top three systems generating support requests from users,” Mir continued. “In stark contrast, Veeva Vault is intuitive and easy-to-use. We are seeing rapid adoption with very little need for IT support.”

In addition to reducing the number of support cases, Ipsen anticipates considerable IT time savings with a validation-ready platform. “Before Vault, the resource-intense validation process required for every upgrade made system maintenance painful. Now, upgrades are automatic and the system is already validated for IQ and OQ, allowing us to reallocate IT resources to more strategic business priorities.”

Ipsen is working closely with Veeva to cultivate a long-term, strategic partnership as they usher in a sweeping technology transformation, affecting people and processes from clinical to commercial. “When implementing a new platform on this scale, the vendor partnership is critical. We are thoroughly impressed by the dedication and expertise of the Veeva team, and look forward to our long-term partnership for continued success,” concluded Mir.

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