IQVIA Launches Patient Portal

Published on: 

Applied Clinical Trials

IQVIA has announced its launch of the IQVIA Patient Portal, a global web-based solution built on the Salesforce Health Cloud platform. 

“Patient communities are clear about what matters most to them, roughly 90 percent want access to information about their participation in the study including updates about the outcome of a study,” said Cynthia Verst, president, Design and Delivery Innovation, Research & Development Solutions at IQVIA. 

Trial participants are invited to join the IQVIA Patient Portal when they are recruited. Upon enrollment, they are guided through the trial process with study visit and medication reminders, disease education, and concierge and travel support services. In addition, they are provided access to the individual lab results from their participation and other general information relating to the study as approved by the sponsor and investigator. Upon trial completion, patients receive a plain language summary of the study. Additionally, patients can join an alumni community where they can continue to engage with clinical research through future trial participation opportunities.


IQVIA’s geographic scale addresses the regulatory and compliance needs of customers regardless of where the study takes place, and retention solutions are built specifically for each clinical trial location with relevant study-level content.

The IQVIA Patient Portal is part of IQVIA’s full-service clinical trial offering or as a stand-alone solution.