Kayentis Offers Carbon-Neutral eCOA Suggestions


Kayentis, a global provider of eCOA solutions for clinical trials headquartered in France, has announced the launch of a set of initiatives to evaluate the carbon footprint of each clinical trial services eCOA component it conducts and propose solutions to clients on limiting the CO2 emissions of these eCOA projects.

Guillaume Juge, CEO of Kayentis. “While the solutions to reduce the impact of carbon emissions require closer collaboration with our customers, they have no impact on the cost of the study, nor will they lessen the quality or timeliness of the service we provide.” Some eCOA options, depending on the protocol include:

  • A webCOA back-up strategy, using an online platform to directly enter patient data rather than stockpile spare devices on each site, or even centralize them at the country level
  • Replacing onsite training and face-to-face meetings with virtual ones
  • Using refurbished devices - as the lifespan of a device is around four years, refurbishing is a feasible solution for both short-term studies and to replace a device during the course of a study

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