KMR Group Leads New Enrollment Metrix Forum


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KMR GROUP, a firm specializing on biopharmaceutical R&D performance, has formed the Enrollment Metrix Forum. As companies strive to implement best recruitment practices, the Forum offers an opportunity to explore critical recruitment issues as well as analyze recruitment processes. Amgen, AZ, Bayer, BMS, J&J, Lilly, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Shire and UCB are among the inaugural members.

The Enrollment Metrix Forum serves an industry leadership role for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of issues related to enrollment, offering insights that will prove of value to participants; including the use and identification of enrollment performance metrics, how best to incorporate metrics into the planning process, and using KPIs to identify key performance opportunities. The discussions are flexible, and representatives are encouraged to shape their direction.

Results of these exchanges are provided to members in a report format as part of our Enrollment Special Topics Series. The reports, which take input via members through discussion and surveys, are designed to add insight into the rapidly changing recruitment landscape. In addition, members will have access to the KMR Enrollment Metrix Forum website which offers access to the reports in addition to membership information, press releases and an on-line glossary of terms.

The first meeting took focused on "Defining the Critical Metrics for Evaluating Recruitment Processes". Participants will meet again in December. The first report will be an analysis of key recruitment processes and their associated metrics.

Companies interested in learning more about the Enrollment Metrix Forum are encouraged to contact KMR.

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