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KMR Group has just completed its latest upload of current site performance data into the Site Scorecard Tool.

KMR Group has just completed its latest upload of current site performance data into the Site Scorecard Tool. Site Scorecard contains the industry’s only source for vetted site performance data on interventional clinical trials, providing companies with aggregated details on a given site’s clinical trial performance directly from 12 major biopharma companies. The tool now contains over 125,000 unique records of global site performance information, at 40,000 distinct sites in all regions and all indications.

The Site Scorecard saves companies both time and money by providing access to sites with experience in interventional trials by disease as well as global performance rankings and actual performance data for each site in the search. This specificity around disease and performance is unique to the industry as many listing services provide names and addresses around sites, but the details around their experience can be murky and difficult to discern, and the performance data just doesn’t exist. Companies spend a lot of time trying to figure out which sites can deliver patients and at what rate, the Site Scorecard tool takes a lot of assumptions out of that equation. And by providing performance data on interventional studies, the data is more useful in that it provides a more meaningful estimate of a given sites ability to recruit patients for purposes of clinical trials. So although the tool may not list the “most” sites, it has neatly and effectively lifted the burden from those trying to navigate numerous site lists to sites which have experience and can deliver patients.

The tool aims to provide clarity around expectations for a given sites recruitment potential by using a fact-based, performance based approach. Companies can identify the top performing sites based on a variety of factors, including volume of subjects randomized, the speed of actual recruitment or drop-out rate to name just a few. The data can be used for purposes of planning and forecasting, and it can also be used to dialogue with the site to ensure expectations are on target.

KMR Group has spent the last five years developing and refining Site Scorecard, along with an internal site coding application, which gives us the ability to take site information from across disparate companies and create one unique record per site along with a standardized name and address. This unique record is what allows for aggregation of performance data across companies.

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