Lab21 – A New Kind of Company

Applied Clinical Trials

Antiviral drug discovery services and clinical trials support

Cambridge, UK & Fareham, UK – July 15, 2005 – A new company – Lab21 – has been launched to provide technically advanced drug discovery and clinical trials services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Testing is performed in state-of-the-art laboratories in Cambridge (UK), with commercial headquarters in Fareham (UK). Lab21 brings together high level drug discovery experience, expert know-how and an unmatched range of superior testing technologies – all delivered with the demands of the regulatory bodies in mind.

An extensive array of spearhead tests and services are available including lead identification and optimisation, resistance profiling, clinical candidate selection and selectivity evaluation in pre-clinical situations. And once a drug is in the clinic, Lab21 offers pharmacogenetic testing and trial stratification, FDA requirements for registration, efficacy studies and resistance monitoring.

Lab21 is the only company of its kind in the UK. Supported financially by Merlin Biosciences, Merlin's Chairman, Professor Sir Christopher Evans OBE leads the Lab21 board of directors.

Many industry leaders foresee a more effective and efficient future for healthcare delivery. A time when pharmacogenetic profiling will allow prediction of the risk of certain diseases or conditions developing, and we reach a full understanding of the impact an individual's genetic make-up, lifestyle choices and environmental factors can have on disease progression and response to therapy.

Dr Nick Kerton, CEO of Lab21 commented:

"We believe that Lab21 has already made significant progress towards the goal of personalised healthcare. Our customers can benefit today from a unique portfolio of tests that allow the characterisation of a virus, the assessment of prospective drug candidates, and the understanding of potential resistance. In addition, we can genotype a trials population, assess their pharmacogenetics, or monitor patients undergoing therapy."

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