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Seattle, January 22, 2019 (Business Wire)  – LabConnect, a leading global provider of central laboratory and support services for biopharmaceutical, medical device, and contract research organizations, is pleased to announce a new service: LabConnect’s global sample processing network (GSPN). This GSPN will offer a comprehensive global solution for sample preparation and processing requirements.

Given the rapid growth in immuno-oncology and cell gene therapies, high-quality and expeditious sample processing is required within today’s trials. Balancing turnaround time requirements with the desire for processing consistency across global sites is an industry-wide challenge. 

With more worldwide locations than any other central laboratory services provider, LabConnect addresses this challenge by significantly minimizing shipping time from site to processing lab, optimizing viability for time-sensitive samples. Proprietary packaging, standardized analyst certification and centralized performance monitoring combine to ensure global consistency. Additionally, LabConnect’s web portal allows easy access to study-wide sample processing quality metrics. LabConnect’s GSPN supports global research protocols by offering reliable worldwide sample processing. 

Jeff Mayhew, chief development officer at LabConnect says, “LabConnect has recognized the growing need for high quality sample processing in the industry’s increasingly complex studies. GSPN is our innovative approach to addressing these evolving demands. GSPN combines our extensive global footprint with our global expertise in sample processing, offering the unique ability to meet the most challenging of study requirements.”  


About LabConnect

Founded in 2002, LabConnect comprises a network of global central laboratories with services including routine and esoteric laboratory testing, clinical kit building, sample management, biorepository, and scientific operations support services for biopharmaceutical, medical device, and contract research organizations around the world. Learn more at or connect with LabConnect on LinkedIn.

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