LabCorp Biorepository Receives Industry Accreditation from College of American Pathologists


Company News Release

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings today announced the recent accreditation of its Biorepository by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). CAP’s inaugural accreditation program was developed to establish internationally-recognized best practices and quality standards for the collection, storage and future analysis of biospecimens.

The LabCorp Biorepository, located in Kannapolis, North Carolina adjacent to the North Carolina Research Campus, is a biological specimen storage facility that LabCorp opened in 2009. Beyond simple storage capabilities, the biorepository offers well-annotated, consented specimens that are available for biomarker discovery efforts. Redundant back-up systems, state-of-the-art validated informatics and on-site nucleic acid extraction capabilities make LabCorp's Biorepository the facility of choice for pharmaceutical and academic research specimen storage.

The CAP Biorepository Accreditation Program is a three-year, peer-based accreditation program that was designed to strengthen the standard of patient care by ensuring the consistent, verifiable quality of biospecimens for clinical or research purposes. CAP accreditation requires passing a series of inspections that review procedures for patient consent and the collection of biospecimens, their processing and annotation, and their storage, transport and distribution.

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