Large-scale Deployment of Velos Investigational Drug System Goes Live

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Company News Release

Velos recently activated its Investigational Drug System at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

This state-of-the-art Internet software product supports drug inventory and accountability for all investigational agents used at MD Anderson. The product is the result of a multi-year MD Anderson-Velos co-development initiative to create a next generation commercial product to support Investigational Pharmacy Services.

Over 100 MD Anderson pharmacists and technicians across 15 dispensing pharmacies hit the ground running on the new system on September 8th with approximately 1,000 active clinical trials at go-live. In addition, more than 20 years of data from two previous electronic accountability systems was imported into the new system, covering over 1.6 million drug-patient transactions. As such, this is among the largest ever investigational drug accountability system roll-outs.

"Collaborating with MD Anderson allowed us to design an exceptional system that will improve operational efficiencies for Investigational Pharmacy Services," says Nick Bobrinskoy, Velos Product Manager.

MD Anderson Cancer Center and Velos, the recognized leader in clinical research management systems, teamed up in 2012 to design and deploy a next generation investigational drug accountability system. The focus was on creating a system that is easy-to-use, supports accuracy and compliance, and saves pharmacists and technicians time.

"Maintaining electronic drug accountability records should be considered a best practice standard for Investigational Pharmacy Services and organizations that conduct drug trial research," Bobrinskoy said. "Our customers tell us that the Velos Investigational Drug System meets and enhances all aspects of drug accountability management. What's more, for being able to manage various types of clinical trial agents and accountability, the system is unparalleled."

The product includes the powerful, user-friendly Velos Present Tense™ search engine that can sift through large volumes of data and generate standard as well as ad–hoc reports instantaneously. The system also generates metrics for pharmacy managers to assess daily operations and manage inventory.


"MD Anderson has been a stellar partner to work with in creating a product that meets their extensive needs and also serves the needs of the general marketplace," says John McIlwain, President of Velos, Inc. "The response we're getting from other investigational pharmacy organizations deploying the system has also been excellent."

MD Anderson and Velos plan to continue their collaboration on future versions of the product, with MD Anderson contributing its deep investigational drug service expertise and vision and Velos contributing its software product design and development skills.

The two organizations have been committed to creating industry-leading healthcare software products together. That commitment is now bearing fruit.

Velos would like to thank all the MD Anderson professionals who contributed to the product's success. Special thanks go to:

Mark Kramer, PhD, Director, Pharmacy Research

  • Sapna R. Amin, PharmD., BCOP, Manager, Investigational Pharmacy Services
  • Jason M. Reed, PharmD., RPh, Assistant Manager, Investigational Pharmacy Services
  • Michael Sanderson, PMP, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Core Clinical Systems