Latest Clinical Conductor Release Debuts First-Ever CTMS Configurations

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The Clinical Conductor CTMS team is proud to announce yet another major advancement in CTMS technology.

The Clinical Conductor CTMS team is proud to announce yet another major advancement in CTMS technology. With the latest release of Clinical Conductor, the market-leading CTMS again provides unparalleled advances in both features and functionality designed to give users even greater levels of increased efficiency and maximized profits.

Most prominently seen in this release are the multiple CTMS configurations that were launched for Clinical Conductor. These configurations, designed for research sites, site networks, CROs, hospitals, health systems and sponsors, have been the result of years of working with a variety of research organizations around the world. Until now, CTMS providers have forced research organizations into CTMS applications that are unable to truly meet the needs of different organizations. With CTMS configurations, Clinical Conductor becomes the first CTMS to provide unique feature sets and functionalities required by different types of research organizations to operate most effectively.

“The ever increasing demands of healthcare continue to drive significant change in both our user community and the broader clinical research ecosystem. These changes challenge organizations to manage studies that incorporate increasingly complex protocols, tighter timelines and shrinking budgets, resulting in greater requirements for a CTMS that truly addresses the needs of today, as well as those of the future”, stated VP and COO Jeffrey Markin. “We are excited to release the latest version of Clinical Conductor CTMS which incorporates many new features while incorporating the configuration flexibility that allows research organizations to conduct their work in a way that is unique to them, rather than forcing them to conform to the CTMS, which we believe will allow the industry to achieve even greater levels of success.”

In addition to the major configuration creations in this release, the Clinical Conductor team has continued to evolve and expand the functionality within the application based on the way the research community is moving, as well as from direct input from Clinical Conductor users around the world.


The new Clinical Conductor has been fitted with even more financial functionality, further setting it apart from other CTMS applications. This release adds a multitude of advanced and granular financial reports that give organizations even greater insight into everything related to their study finances. What’s more, additional granularity has been added to engagement level finances as well as functionality that allows managing organizations to set different reimbursement rates to different organizations for the same procedure. This allows for even more accurate budgeting and less wasted money.

Enhancements to Clinical Conductor’s in-depth recruitment functionality have also been made for this release. First, the Clinical Conductor call center has been updated to allow users to more easily manage incoming and outgoing calls related to recruitment and enrollment. Filters have also been added to the call center so that users can more easily find the potential patients they need for each study and easily create call lists.
James Bechtel, the Operations Coordinator at The Corvallis Clinic, stated “This release of Clinical Conductor provides our organization with even greater functionality that allows us to have a more complete picture of our organization’s financial performance, as well as in other areas of our clinical research business.”