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Finding and motivating clinical investigators is critical in the successful conduct of all clinical trials. As part of a global 4,000 site mail and on-line survey, we examined the reasons behind Latin American clinical investigators decision to take part in clinical research. All responding clinical investigators answered a multi-item set of questions about why they participated in clinical trials. Often answers to individual items are just that, independent answers to individual items. Sometimes though the answers to individual items are actually the result of a broader set of underlying thoughts or values. A principle components factor analyses of the total sample identified three underlying factors tying together the responses of physicians to the individual items:  the desire to take part in medical innovation, financial issues and sponsor or study specific considerations. Medical innovation was the most important for investigators around the world, including Latin America.

However, compared to US investigators, Latin American investigators especially emphasize two specific items in the factor-learning from and sharing with other physicians. It may well be that geographic distance from leading medical centers in North America and Europe underscores the criticality of sharing with and learning from physicians involved in new drug clinical research activity.


The Individual Items of Medical Innovation

Department of Health Policy and Public Policy, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Latin American and US investigators hardly differ in the relative importance they place on the second most important factor, financial matters. Physicians may not be eager to emphasize pecuniary considerations. Even if true, Latin American investigators do not differ from other physicians involved in clinical research. 

Some differences do exist between US and Latin American investigators in regard to the third factor, sponsor or study specific considerations. Latin American investigators are more likely to emphasize working directly with the pharmaceutical company and not a CRO. Latin American investigators also especially value larger pharmaceutical companies with proven products already on the market. 



Individual Items in Sponsor/Study Specific Considerations







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