Launch of Next-Generation Clinical Trial Data Platform

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Rutland, MA, Oct. 5, 2017- A brand new clinical trial database and collaborative platform was launched on October 3, with the aim of being the leading source for every clinical trial data need. will serve a broad audience of biotech investors, clinical researchers, patients, and their advocates. 

The revolutionary website offers several features previously unavailable, including: 

· Crowdsourced trial predictions. 

· Data visualizations of clinical trial data. 

· Trial events and results. 

· Personalized watchlists. 

· Access to biotech gurus. 

· Trial-centric discussions. 

The site’s sleek modern design showcases all of the data available on, but with more accessibility and ease of use. 

The site was founded by Tim Burr, a tech entrepreneur and biotech investor. After much time toiling on, he knew there was a problem that needed solving. Tim says, ''we wanted to create a platform to ease the tedium and information overload users face when analyzing and sorting through clinical trial data. Given its importance, clinical trial data needs to be ultra-accessible for anyone that needs it.'' 

What to expect: 

People who need to access clinical trial information have been asking for a tool to simplify the monitoring and analyzation of clinical trial data, and Primary Endpoints wants to be the answer. With Primary Endpoints: 


· Trial tracking is made easy with customized visual timelines. 

· Trial outcomes are predicted by biotech experts. 

· Customized notifications of trial updates ensure you are among the first to know. 

· Communication with biotech experts and gurus is made easy. 

· Join discussion boards and engage with clinical and investing experts. 

Be among the first. 

Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first to discover this next generation platform for clinical trial data. Visit to experience Primary Endpoints for yourself.



Product Manager: Bhavana Singh 

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