Leal Health Launches Predictive Patient Journey Solution


New technology aims to streamline cancer treatment process.

Leal Health, formerly known as Trialjectory, an AI-powered platform for patient access to advanced cancer treatments, has launched a predictive patient tool designed to help cancer patients navigate their treatment journey at all stages of the disease. Its aim is to educate patients and their oncologists on their treatment options in a timely manner and to remove barriers to care in advance. The goal as well is to enable pharmaceutical companies to better identify potential patients that could match to their trials in the future.

With this technology, Leal’s platform, according to the company, can preemptively match cancer patients with available treatment options that could be relevant for them in the future should their disease progress. At the same time, Leal provides pharma companies and clinical trial sponsors insight into patients who have a high probability of participating in future trials due to their disease state. For example, sponsors can access insight into how minority and underrepresented patients’ cancer changes over time and how patients can adjust current treatments to remain eligible for other clinical trials.

“For most patients, cancer isn’t a one-and-done fight; it’s an ongoing, ever-changing war. Because cancer states change over time, a treatment that might not be relevant for a patient today could become a game changer down the line,” says Tzvia Bader, Co-founder and CEO, Leal Health. “With this offering, patients who fail a treatment can quickly pivot to a new therapy identified by Leal that is appropriate for them, rather than having to start a new search from scratch and waste valuable time that they may not have.”

Reference: Leal Health Launches Industry-First Predictive Patient Journey Offering, NEW YORK, N.Y., May 8, 2023.

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