M2S Announces Agreement with AG Mednet to Provide Clinical Trial Sponsors More Options for Efficient Image Transfer and Collection


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April 7, 2009

-M2S Inc., a global provider of image management services for biopharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials, today announced that it had entered into an agreement with AG Mednet, a HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant diagnostic imaging exchange network.

The agreement will allow M2S to offer clinical trial sponsors more options for efficient, cost-effective image collection and transfer.

"Our agreement with AG Mednet significantly expands our service offerings for clinical trials image management," said Wes Chapman, CEO of M2S. "It enables us to provide image collection and transfer services based on the unique needs of each trial. In addition, the AG Mednet solution is a perfect complement to our DICOM Armor Car (DAC) and other image transfer technologies."

Chapman also noted that by offering expanded image collection and transfer options, M2S can help sponsors save both time and money. "In an era of immense cost pressures, M2S is proud to be the only imaging core lab able to offer rapid and high-quality imaging data through both hardware and software-based options while also providing measurable time and cost savings," he stated.

Abraham Gutman, President & CEO of AG Mednet added that his company is pleased to be working with M2S. "The AG Mednet web-enabled network, together with its powerful workflow and de-identification capabilities, is rapidly becoming the standard software-based image delivery platform, and will provide M2S with a highly scalable solution to fit the needs of the most demanding global trials," said Gutman.

Clinical trials are increasingly using medical imaging for inclusion criteria, secondary and surrogate endpoints and to serve as adjunctive safety assessment of drugs under development. Imaging provides a non-invasive method of obtaining information on a drug's effects in the body and can provide crucial information for making early "go/no-go" decisions, potentially saving millions of dollars in development costs. Collecting and managing large amounts of imaging data securely and rapidly can be challenging and often costly for trial sponsors, and the traditional method of image transfer via hard media and courier services is very time-intensive and error prone. Electronic data transfer of images drastically reduces the time involved, provides the opportunity for early discovery and resolution of queries, and therefore can provide significant cost savings in clinical trials.

M2S has been utilizing web-based methods for rapid and secure electronic image collection and transfer since 2002, with their proprietary network transfer device, the DICOM Armor Car (DAC®), which has an installed base of 287 sites worldwide. The AG Mednet network, in use at over 600 investigator sites globally, provides a web-enabled site interface allowing investigators to de-identify exams, fill electronic transmittal forms and submit the data directly to M2S trial repositories. Whether a trial is a Phase I using imaging for inclusion criteria, or a Phase III multi-center international study with multiple imaging modalities for surrogate endpoints, M2S has the technology and process combination to provide the best customized solution.

About M2S, Inc.

M2S is a full-service imaging CRO, providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective image data management services for clinical trial sponsors in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries as well as patient registry databases. For the past 10 years, M2S has managed, under protocol, over 150 million images from around the globe in all major therapeutic areas and in all DICOM modalities. For more information, visit



About AG Mednet, Inc.

AG Mednet, Inc. is a global diagnostic imaging network. Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, core labs and clinical research organizations utilizing imaging technology as part of their trial protocol rely on AG Mednet's automated system to enable the secure electronic transfer of cases from hundreds of locations, enhancing site compliance while providing detailed reporting necessary to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Additional information about AG Mednet is available at


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