Major Innovation in Site Feasibility to Launch at SCOPE 2014


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At this year's annual SCOPE in Miami, data management and information services provider, Infinata, Inc., will unveil SiteSurvey

At this year’s annual Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) in Miami, data management and information services provider, Infinata, Inc., will unveil SiteSurvey™, its latest innovation in the company’s suite of online data management tools serving the life sciences industry. Built on top of the existing BioPharm Clinical platform, SiteSurvey will significantly improve feasibility teams’ ability to identify, analyze and manage critical data relevant to finding ideal sites for clinical trials.

“We developed SiteSurvey to make the site feasibility process faster and smarter,” said Ruth McHenry, managing director of Infinata, BioPharm Clinical’s parent company. “SiteSurvey eliminates a lot of the data migration and the repetition that currently bogs down the feasibility process, and the system also takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting on the analysis side -- by comparing each site’s responses to the ideal answers you’re looking for and developing an overall rank for each site.”

SiteSurvey’s powerful technology addresses the challenges that feasibility teams regularly face by taking their existing sites and investigators and matching them to the data contained within BioPharm Clinical -- to create a unique superset of clinical sites and investigators for each user. SiteSurvey also stores all investigator responses; thereby avoiding duplication of questions they’ve previously been asked. SiteSurvey then delivers an individual rank and score for every survey answer – giving clinical operations managers insight into when and where to ideally conduct trials.

SiteSurvey provides additional in-depth analysis with Site Qualifier - a proprietary algorithm that scores sites based on survey results to provide an overview of the entire site landscape for a particular study.

A formal presentation on SiteSurvey, “Integrating Site Survey Management Tools into Your Clinical Trial Workflow,” will be given on Wednesday, February 6. All registered attendees of 2014 SCOPE are invited to attend.

BioPharm Clinical has established itself within the life sciences industry as an indispensable online tool for helping clinical operations and feasibility managers plan and conduct clinical trials. Drug trial sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) alike recognize BioPharm Clinical’s value as a data management, research and forecasting resource. SiteSurvey was developed to specifically tackle the challenges and burdens of managing the feasibility questionnaire process.

For more information about 2014 SCOPE or about SiteSurvey™, click here.

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