MCC Releases Its Groundbreaking Metrics Search Engine to Help Industry Players Improve Their Performance

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Company News Release

MCC continues to lead the industry in the development, adoption, and utilization of standardized metrics and tools to drive performance improvement.

Today MCC released its new, and one-of-a-kind in the industry, Metrics Search Engine. This initiative represents a unique and valuable addition to an already rich and growing portfolio of metrics, performance enhancing services and tools offered to MCC members.

The new Metrics Search Engine released today gives users the ability to search for the ideal metrics for any function at any point in the clinical trial process and can be used by companies to increase the effectiveness of their operations, measurements and outcomes. Also, the search engine tailors its metrics recommendations to the user’s level of metrics expertise, from basic through seasoned. Summary search engine results can be accessed from the public portion of MCC’s web site, while more detailed information can only be accessed from the MCC member site.

“We believe that by consistently creating new metrics content both for our members and for the industry at large, MCC can help organizations understand, adopt and utilize metrics to drive performance quality and improvement” stated MCC CEO David Zuckerman. “Today’s announcement is another example of our ongoing effort to make our metrics available to the right users at the right time”.

Throughout 2014 Metrics Champion Consortium has been rapidly evolving its member services through the launch of several exciting initiatives including:


· Introduction of new quality & risk metrics, scoring tools and the Metrics Value Chain.

· Publication of the most in-depth study of risk-based monitoring approaches currently utilized in the industry.

· Launch of the broadest, most comprehensive benchmarking database in the industry.

· Delivery of training programs, webinars and implementation consulting for Metrics Expert development and company-wide Metrics education.