Med-eMonitor System Selected for Mercy Medical Products’ Study

Applied Clinical Trials

Study Designed to Improve the Quality of Life and Reduce Healthcare Costs of 300 Patients Throughout the Washington, D.C. Area

ROCKVILLE, MD -- May 24, 2005 -- InforMedix Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: IFMX), today announced that Mercy Medical Products, Inc. has selected InforMedix's Med-eMonitor System for its upcoming study of patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). The study, which is expected to commence in September, will enroll 300 patients living throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Med-eMonitor is the InforMedix patent-protected device for improving medication and care plan adherence, and reducing costs in disease management and clinical drug trials markets.

Mercy Medical Products, which provides disease management products and services for patients with chronic diseases, is undertaking the study to evaluate its congestive heart failure patients' adherence to their medications. By using the Med-eMonitor, Mercy Medical is looking to reduce patient medication errors and increase the effectiveness of patient care management and treatment plan compliance. CHF is the leading cause of hospital costs for Medicare, and 33% of all CHF patient hospital admissions result from poor medication adherence.

Mercy Medical Products expects to enroll its first patient in the study in September and to conduct evaluations for one year, followed by one-year of review. The Company expects results of the study to exhibit reduced patient medication errors and increased medication management and compliance.

"The Med-eMonitor System is a perfect complement to our wireless remote monitoring systems and services," said Steve Myers, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Medical Products. "The device is easy to use and allows for quick and easy modification of protocols, as well as customization per patient. The information we obtain will allow us to improve the disease management programs of our congestive heart failure patients; thereby lowering healthcare costs while improving the quality of life of the patients. We are eager to implement the Med-eMonitor System into our products and services offerings."

Dr. Bruce Kehr, chairman and CEO of InforMedix, said, "We are excited that Mercy Medical Products has selected the Med-eMonitor System for its study of patients with congestive heart failure. Cardiovascular diseases affect 60 million Americans and represent approximately $327 billion in healthcare costs annually. Med-eMonitor has consistently achieved medication adherence rates of greater than 90% in a variety of clinical studies. We are confident that the results achieved in this CHF study will further demonstrate that using the Med-eMonitor increases medication adherence rates of patients, improves patient drug safety, and significantly reduces healthcare costs."

InforMedix has developed the Med-eMonitor System to provide real-time medical management and patient communications for clinical drug trials and disease management markets. InforMedix has integrated a portable patient-interactive monitoring device, hardware, software and networked communications system to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical researchers, and disease management programs to efficiently monitor and manage patients' medication compliance, protocol adherence, clinical response, and drug safety. Med-eMonitor is specifically designed to improve patient medication compliance and protocol adherence in clinical drug trials and disease management programs. The Med-eMonitor System leverages InforMedix's strong intellectual property consisting of 15 issued patents and 14 patents pending. InforMedix's patents have been cited as prior art by patent examiners in over 150 other issued patents. To find out more about InforMedix, Inc. (OTCBB: IFMX), visit our website at

Mercy Medical Products, Inc. provides disease management products and services for patients with chronic diseases through wireless remote monitoring utilizing the Internet and other medical informatics systems. The Company allows its clients to utilize risk assessment tools that can reduce potential medical risks for patients with chronic diseases.