Medable Allies with MRN to Support New Remote Care Capabilities and Continued Research During COVID-19


Applied Clinical Trials

Medable Inc., the global platform for decentralized clinical trials, and MRN announced a global alliance to bring shared capabilities to decentralized clinical trials. Specifically, Medable will empower MRN’s home clinical trial specialists to conduct home and remote visits using Medable’s Trial-Fit Telemedicine solution to enable remote patient monitoring, medication administration, patient care, and clinical assessments. These capabilities are especially important for clinical trial continuity in spite of widespread shelter-in-place initiatives due to COVID-19.

MRN is the international provider of specialist community clinical trial support, helping patients participate in trials while remaining in their homes. MRN has offices in the UK, Spain, and North America, and provides local home trial services across all major clinical research countries spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Medable’s Trial-Fit Telemedicine solution can be used by participants to connect virtually with trial site coordinators, investigators, or other care professionals anywhere in the world. The app consents patients in their native language; provides real-time video capabilities on a single platform that is 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant; removes the burden and cost of travel for on-site clinical visits; and increases patient safety in light of COVID-19 infection rates. The app can be deployed in one week or less for use in existing trials.

“There is a surge in the need to provide clinical trial participants support at home. Combining the benefits of home trial support and remote care and patient monitoring, we can comprehensively facilitate in-home trial participation and ensure patient safety during shelter-in-place,” said Dr. Michelle Longmire, CEO and co-founder of Medable. “Our partnership with MRN will help existing and new trials ensure progress with minimal delay, while reducing risk through a combination of capabilities that are tailored to the geography and study, including in-home care, medication delivery and administration, telehealth, and remote monitoring and assessment.”

Industry data suggest that under normal circumstances, home trial support reduces the burden on patients and clinical trial sites, increasing trial recruitment by 60%, and patient retention by 95%. In the current environment, those needs only increase, as the volume of clinical trial activity requires a streamlined and mobile access point for both trial sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs).

“It is important that MRN work with Medable to increase the options available for clinical trials during this unprecedented time,” said Graham Wylie, CEO of MRN. “Working together, we can combine the most appropriate technology with MRN’s Home Trial Support to make life easier for clinical trial patients-while enhancing recruitment and retention for ongoing trials.”

Medable’s decentralized trial platform has been used to support trials in more than 30 countries and 26 languages. Together with MRN, Medable can enable home trial support through key data captures such as vital signs, spirometry, and ECG with connected devices; management of in-home trial conduct including local injection site reactions, concomitant medicine, and self-administration training (via the TeleVisit app); and tracking quality of life metrics with eCOA (electronic clinical outcomes assessment)

For more information on solutions to ensure clinical trial continuity, visit Medable’s COVID-19 resource page.

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